best muay thai brands

Best Muay Thai Brands

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best thai brands

Probably the most well-known among the best Muay Thai brands, TWINS/TWINS SPECIAL (established in 1992) has been selling well for many years both in Thailand and abroad. Its main selling point is a large product range displaying innovative designs and colors, backed by high quality materials. TWINS is 100% export-oriented. Even though everything is manufactured in one factory in the outskirts of Bangkok, prices are quite expensive for Thai standards. The gear is just perfect for young fighters: fresh designs, colorful, cool. You’ll find all TWINS products here, old and new.

best muay thai brands

MUAYTHAI (established about 40 years ago) is virtually unknown outside Thailand but its quality is as good as TWINS and the others, or even better. This unregistered, obscure brand is well-known in upcountry kaai muay (training camps) but has never been marketed abroad. This is perhaps due to the fact that the owner is not interested in exporting and dealing with foreign buyers, preferring the domestic market and custom-made orders. MUAYTHAI is the only manufacturer that accepts orders by other brands. The product range is quite large and surprisingly up-to-date with the others. MUAYTHAI’s weak point is the gear basic appearance: no fancy designs, no colorful screenings, no innovative concepts, The quality of every MUAYTHAI product is amazingly good. Everything is hand-made by a family of expert artisans and the leather is the best on the Thai market, cowhide grade “A”, There are rumors that some big brand name occasionally outsource to their factory when orders exceed their capacity. All items from MUAYTHAI are available on this site.

best muay thai brands

Fairtex (established in 1975) is synonymous with Muay Thai in USA, Canada and Japan. For decades, FAIRTEX has been promoting Thai boxing in the West, marketing its gear and building Muay Thai camps. As a result, everybody, including the Thais, consider it an American brand. FAIRTEX has a sister company incorporated in USA and sells through sole distributors. The gear is splendid. The only factory is in Bang Plee, just outside Bangkok, and not in USA as many people believe. The product range is huge and the quality is impeccable. The style is moderately trendy, not as flashy as TWINS or TOPKING.

best muay thai brands

In May 2009 KING management re-brands its new venture TOPKING, with a slightly different logo and lots of new items and ideas. TOPKING has been the most active among all the best Muay Thai brands. The gear is a bit similar to FAIRTEX: strong, solid, fluffy, perfectly made, with screened designs to die for. Collections like Carbon Kevlar, Snakeskin and Superstar are perfect for young nak muay The brand popularity is growing.

So which one is the best of the best? Which one should you buy?

My advice: if you are young, passionate about Muay Thai and with limited spending power, buy the MUAYTHAI brand. If you’re better off financially and more attentive to your image as a fighter, buy FAIRTEX or TWINS.

And if you really have little money to buy boxing gloves, buy NO MERCY.